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Trangkrabitripandtravel licence 43-00075 E-mail Mobil 081 607 1256 & 080 530 1399 is a travel agent  based in Trang Town and we organize all excursions such as boattrips snorkelling,sight seeing,fishing,trekking and kayaking in Trang  and the nearby provinces.



We also arrange reservations for all resorts and hotels,busses,minibusses,ferries,trains and air-plane tickets.



There are many beautiful places to see and visit in Trang Province.Trang has more than 40 islands and more 10 waterfalls with many beautiful and famous caves and beaches.


We organize private island Hopping Tours. You will  travel with your "own" private,traditional longtailed boat with 02 local  experienced boatman and 01 English speaking quide ay your service.  




At  sukorn island resort if you  fancy  an excursion,  take out a local boat to  the coral reef  where  scuba diving  and fishing are an


unforgettable experience. We provide tours to  the nearby islands,snorkeling,and fishing trips and overnign camping. Take a canoe/kayak for paddle,have a bicycle or motorcycle tour  of the island ( with or without guide). You can make your own program around the island on mountain bike to visit the fisherman village and see local people lifestyles.

Air Asia or Lion Air or Nok Air Package  Tour  1.  2 Days  1 night Koh Sukorn Resort Trang


Day 1.

08.00  a.m.        Departure From Trang to Taseh Pier 

09.00  a.m.        Transfer to Koh Sukorn by long-tail boat 

9.30  a..m.         Check-in Sukorn island resort 

10.00  a.m.        Travel around the island

12.00 am.          Lunch at  restaurant.Leisure time for swimming 

18.00 pm.          Dinner at restaurant

Day 2.

08.00 am.       Breakfast  at restaurant and check-out

09.30 a.m.     Depart from Koh Sukorn to the pier and to Trang

[Package included:]   Transportation from Trang to the pier-                                               Accommodatipn-Meals-Boat trip            

Remark:  Our trip can be changed  upon the weather on your safety                            :Minimum 2 persons.

 Air Asia or Lion Air or Nok Air Package Tour 2. Koh Takiang and Koh Laoliang : 2 Day 1 Nigth

Day 1.

08.00      a.m.        Departure from Tang to Taseh pier

09.00     a.m.         On board  a boat to Koh Takiang.Snorkeling                     

12.00     a.m.         Go further  to Koh Laoliang.Lunch on a beach                 

16.00     p.m.         Back to Sukorn  Island Resort and check-in

18.00     p.m.         Lunch at reataurant

Day 2.

08.00  a.m.     Breakfast at restaurant and check-out

09.30  a.m.    Depart from Koh Sukorn  to the pier and to Trang

[Package included]    Transportation from Trang to the pier-Accommodation-Meals-Boat trip

Remark :  Our trip can be change upon the weather  on your safety

                 Minimum 2 persons

Air Asia or Lion Air or Nok AirPackage tour 3.      Koh sukorn and Koh Takiang-Koh Laoliang                                    3 Days 2 Nights

Day 1.   Koh Sukorn Resort  2  Night

Day 2.   Koh Takiang and Koh Laoliang

Day 3.  Koh Sukorn-Trang City

 Package  Tour 1. Program  2 day 1 night Trang sea and Koh Ngai

Promation Strat Adult 2,100 baht Childen discount 20% off/Adult

Enjoy your holiday with us .

One Day Trip  3 island with 1 night

Air-con room @ Koh Ngai

Make your holiday more beautiful.

Remark: This Rate Includes Transfer,Guide,Snorkeling equipments,

1 night accomodation @ Koh Ngai Insuance and National Park Fee.

Package Tour 2.  Program 3 days 2 nights

City Tour and Trang sea and Koh Ngai

Promotion Strat Adult 3,190 baht Childen discount 20% off Adult

Fullfill your holiday with happiness.

Explore Trang city  and beautiful islands.

1 night @ Koh Ngai and 1 night @ Trang.

This rate includes Transfer,Guide,Snorkeling equipments

Insurance and 2 nights accomodation @ Trang National Park Fee.

Package Tour 3. Program 3 days 2 nights

Trang sea and Koh Rok and Koh Ngai.

Promotion Start Adult 4,990 baht Childen discount 20% off/Adult

Andaman Sea is waiting you to discover, one day trip trang sea

and one day trip Koh Rod Nok-Rok Nai.

2 nights accomodation @ Koh Ngai

This rate includes : Transfer,Guide,Snorkeling equipments,

Insurance and 2 nights acoomodation ,National Park Fee.














































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